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Reinhard Hennecke

Greetings from Diepenau-Lavelsloh. I found you through german Wikipedia->Diepenau.

I am still horrified, how this hell on earth could be possible. My family is an example for a disrupted Germany: One Gandpa was a Nazi (railway station master), the other was a farmer and an independent christian mayor.

It took some centuries to normalize this land, and not until this millennium young people dare to swing german flags at sports without beeing mindfull of our past.

The jewish cemetary in Lavelsloh is sufferable cared by the commune, me and my family visited it sometimes.

Best wishes for your family

Petra Samenfeld

Dear Gary,

thank you very much for this wonderful page! I am learning a lot as my family never wanted to tell things from the past. Thank you so much for sharing!
Petra Samenfeld ( born in Diepholz 1967)

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