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Samenfelds in Argentina, 1956

Samenfelds in Argentina, 1956

My father had a first cousin, named Ewald Samenfeld who emigrated to Rivera Argentina* and raised beef cattle. Ewald married someone named Lisa and had two sons, Carlos, and Mario. I remember Tante Irma showing me their family picture (not this one or the other one I posted, but one where the boys were older) and saying that I looked like Carlos.
Ewald (1912/1998) was the son of Moritz Samenfeld and the brother of Arthur Samenfeld (1914/1942). Moritz and Arthur along with Henriette (Nietzel) the second wife of Moritz, were deported to the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942 where they were declared dead.

*Rivera was founded by Jewish immigrants who came from Russia, Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe at the beginning of 20th century. They settled down mainly in the provinces of Entre Rios, Santa Fe, and Buenos Aires in colonies established by the Jewish Colonization Association, with a seat in London. The JCA was created in 1891, and directed by the Jewish philanthropist Baron Maurice de Hirsch to offer a partial solution to the Jewish national question a the time.

Samenfeld Ewald Y Mari is a small organization in the beef cattle farms industry located in Rivera, Argentina with approximately 1 full-time employee and an estimated $81,421 USD in annual revenue

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