> Ewald Samenfeld

Ewald & Lisa Samenfeld

Ewald & Lisa Samenfeld

My father's cousin, Ewald, and his wife Lisa are in the center of this photo.

The numbers before each name are from the list of the Jews of Diepholz.

154th Ewald Samenfeld, * 26.10.1912, son of Moritz and Johanna b.Ginsberg, Sept. 33 to HH, emigrated to South America, + 1998

151st Arthur Seedsfeld, * 2.1.1914 in Diepholz ,, 1936/7 away from Diepholz, according to Diepholzerliste 1947 "1942 evacuated by Gestapo", "adm. wohnh. In HB, Wiesenstr. 2, warped 22.1.1940 according to Pilgrim (Bruss)

158th Moritz Seedfeld, * 28.1.1882, living in May 1939. In Diepholz without street signs [XXII. Bundesarchiv Berlin], Diepholzerliste 1947: "1942 evacuated by Gestapo), on 28.3.1942 after Ahlem, from there dep., +.