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Death notice for Albert Pfifferling

From the history of cemeteries
Funeral of 14-year-old Albert Pfifferling in the cemetery in Halle (1919)

Articles in "Allgemeine Zeitung of Judaism" of 31 January 1919:. "Halle aS, January 24 (1919) A victim of the revolution was the 14-year-old Albert Obertertianer Pfifferling, son of Mr. Adolf and Therese Pfifferling here itself, on Sunday. January 12, a rally for the government of Ebert and Scheidemann in the local Riebeckplatze took place, and in the wild shooting events on the hit the unlucky boy deadly bullet. the funeral turned out to be a poignant memorial ceremony. an exceptionally strong mourners gave the innocent victims on his last earthly underway escort. a command of about 20 sailors was there, whose leader a magnificent flower arrangements, palm tree with ribbons, stepped down at the grave. All classmates with their learners, headed by the Lord headmaster and his wife, attended the funeral. After an introductory dirge of Mr Kantor Neumann Mr. Rabbi Dr. Kahlenberg spoke in deeply to heart continuous manner, said he abstained any charges against the perpetrators. While the coffin was lowered into the grave, flew two airmen in slow flight through the cemetery, which was during the celebration under military guard. "

Article provided by Thomas Beck of Datterode, Germany.