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Steinbergs: Chemnitz

Steinbergs: Chemnitz

Moritz Road 20 (once Poststrasse 31)

The Chemnitzer merchant Berthold Steinberg (15.7.1903) and his wife, my mother's first cousin, Charlotte Steinberg (geb. Rosenberg) (22.4.1909), and their daughter Marion Steinberg (16.12.1930). Charlotte was the daughter of my Opa Karl's sister Paula.
Berthold Steinberg was from 1930 co-owner of the company Burghardt & Becher, a business for cookware and household items. The shop was placed in Poststrasse 31, the family lived in the same house. The family emigrated in July 1939 to France. The "Eheleute" (married couple) and their daughter were later on arrested and interned in first at Camp de Casseneuil, then to Drancy* and from there on the 9th of September 1942 they were deported to Auschwitz. After the war, the court Karl-Marx l " declared them for dead"
Donated: Gary Samenfeld

Lotte, Bertold, and Marion Steinberg were in South France. Hans Pfifferling, Opa's nephew tried to get papers for them so that they could come to America. Aunt Lore said that Opa Karl also worked on getting the papers but did not say anything at the time so as not to get anyone's hopes up. Hans managed to get the papers, but unfortunately, too late, the 3 of them were taken in France and deported to Auschwitz, where they died.

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In 1942 alone, especially between July and November, almost 42.000 Jews were deported from France to Auschwitz-Birkenau. During this crucial period, more than half of the Jewish deportees from France were transported towards their fatal destination in 43 transports. On average, the Nazis deported 7.000 Jews per month.