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Julius Rosenberg: Siegen

Julius Rosenberg: Siegen

Hier wohnte
Julius Rosenberg
Jg. 1870
deportiert 1942
ermordet 23.9.1942

Julius was my mother's uncle. He was married to my Opa Karl's sister, Paula.

This is a letter that I received from Pia Rosenberg of Fredericia, Denmark. Her husband, Eli, is the grandson of Louis Rosenberg who was the brother of Julius Rosenberg, husband of my Opa's sister Paula.

Mr and Mrs Rosenberg
Julius Rosenberg Paula Rosenberg born Pfifferling
born on 29th of August 1870 born on 24th of December 1879
in Hamm/Sieg in Wanfried a.d. Werra
Parents: Meyer (1836-1908) und Hannchen (1846-1876)
Rosenberg (born Simon
Profession: Cattle dealer and butcher
Deported on 27th of July 1942 to Theresienstadt
murdered on 23th of September 1942 in Treblinka
Julius Rosenberg and Louis Rosenberg were brothers. He came with his wife Mrs. Paula to Siegen, Sandstrasse 83 (today no. 167) in the year 1905. Here he had a Cattle Business.
They had 3 children: Alice Johanna Pese born Rosenberg (born 1905) married to Kurt Pese (1900-1951) immigrated to and lived in Baltimore/USA. Rudolf Alexander Rosenberg (born 17.01.1906) in Siegen married to Elfriede born Haber (born 14.08.1918) immigrated to Santiago de Chile on 18.11.1939.The dates of their deaths are unknown. Lotte (Charlotte) Steinberg born Rosenberg (born on 22.04.1909 in Siegen) married to Berthold Steinberg (born 15.06.1903 in Chemnitz) and daughter Marion Steinberg (born 16.12.1930 in Chemnitz) immigrated to Paris on 31.07.1939. The family was arrested in South France and deported on 28.08.1942 and murdered in Auschwitz on 09.09.1942. Marion was mentioned in an exhibition "The memory Train" in the year 2008. A Memory for the young/and children that were deported from Chemnitz and area.
In the Siegerländer National Newspaper was on 12.11.1936 a very dirty article about Julius Rosenberg with the title" How a Siegener Jew treats his house employee bad" and the next day his son Rudolf was in the newspaper for some verbal fight in the traffic.
(on the main page, please see: Rosenbergs / From the Siegen Gedenkbuch & the Siegerländer National Paper)

Before their deportation on 27th of July 1942, Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberg and Louis Rosenberg had a long goodbye, for now, talk with their neighbor Charlotte Wildtraut, she was then 20 years old. In the early 30´s she was the babysitter for Marion. When the situation for the jews became worse Paula called the young neighbor and told her not to greet them (if they met on the streets) because she could get in big troubles if she did. Charlotte Wildtraut knew that the Businessman Albert Juncker married to the jew Jenny born Kahn, he bought a part of the property owned by Julius. It gave Julius and Family the opportunity to survive.
Julius and Paula were deported from Theresienstadt and sent to death in Treblinka.
After the sentence in The synagogue process in Autumn 1948, Alice Pese wrote the Court in Siegen and asked for that all the leading Nazi to be brought to justice.The supreme Court sent Alice an article from the newspaper (about how it ended).
Stolpersteine laid 17.04.2010 in Sandstrasse 167 in Siegen; donated by Paul Breuer Text :Traute Fries, 2011

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