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Julius Pfifferling: Halle/Saale

Julius Pfifferling: Halle/Saale

Hier wohnte
Jg. 1883
verhaftet 25.4.1938
auf der Flucht
ermordet 16.5.1938

I had this Stolpersteine for my mother's uncle, my Opa Karl's brother, placed in the approximate location of Frankestrasse 17, Halle/Saale. This is also where my mother's family lived. The building was bombed in the war.

English translation of the dedication for the tripping stone for Julius Pfifferling.
Josef Pfifferling, called Julius (1883 - 1938)
Josef Pfifferling, named Julius, came from Wanfried. He had three brothers and three sisters. In World War I he served as a soldier. Later he ran with his brother Karl, a cattle and horse action in the road Franke Hall. 1936 or 1937 the business had top be resolved. Under the "work-shy Action Empire" was Julius Pfifferling 25 April 1938 interned in Buchenwald Concentration Camp. He died there on 16 May 1938. He was officially "shot while trying to escape". Julius Pfifferling wife Dorthea managed to escape from Germany. You probably first came to Shanghai and later to England. Of his siblings only brother, Karl survived the Second World War. He succeeded in 1939 to escape to the United States.

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Video about the artist Gunter Demnig who makes the Stolpersteine: