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New Home Club Picnic / Pewaukee Lake / June 1946

New Home Club Picnic / Pewaukee Lake / June 1946

This is the famous photo that my mother is in that Emile Jacobsohn showed to my father in 1946. My mother was 23 at the time. Emile was the uncle of my Uncle Walter Jacobsohn. It was also because of Uncle Emile that my dad and Uncle Walter moved to Milwaukee.

From Uncle walter’s story:
After Erich returned,(he means after my dad came back from the army)we made up our minds to get back into the cattle business. My Uncle Emile, who lived in Milwaukee, had made a lot of friends also in the cattle business, namely, Otto Hammel and Willi Hessel. After a little correspondence, Erich and myself left in May by train for a so-called inspection trip. We liked what we saw and one month later, we both left New York for Milwaukee in a Studebaker truck.

In the photo my mother is in the second row second from the left. To her left are Opa Karl and Oma Julchen. Seated directly in front of Oma and Opa is Harri and Herta Hoffmann*. When I was 17 and 18 I worked in Mr. Hoffmann’s factory, Hoffco. In the back row fourth from the right is Fred Sanders. Mr. Sanders had a son who served in the US Army and was killed in action. When I was 16 I worked in a supermarket where Mr. Sanders shopped. He would always say to me “someday you’ll own this store.”

*Harri Hoffmann was a cabinet maker in Aurich, near the Dutch border. In 1938, the Nazis forced Hoffmann and the other Jews in the town onto a train headed for the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Midway through the trip, Hoffmann and a few others got themselves kicked off the train by feigning advanced tuberculosis. He made his way back to Aurich and immediately began plans to leave Germany, taking his fiancée, Herta, with him.

(Aurich is also the town where Opa Karl's cousin, Salomom Pfifferling, was a cantor/teacher.)