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Julius & Dorthea (Kahn) Pfifferling

Julius & Dorthea (Kahn) Pfifferling

My mother's uncle Julius was killed in the Buchenwald Concentration Camp in 1938. He was shot to death while running into the electric fence. This was witnessed by a cousin of Opa Karl, (Alfred Wertheim). His wife Dorthea emigrated to England. She died in 1952.

From the Memorial Book for the Jews of Halle/Saale, courtesy Heidi Bohley

Julius ("Jule") Pfifferling, born on June 21, 1883 in Wanfried / Hesse served as a German soldier in the First World War. His niece Hildegard Samenfeld (Karl's daughter) described him as a friendly, gentle person who liked to meet with friends in a nearby pub for playing cards. In 1933, the livestock business was excluded from the "Central German Association of Horse Trade" and after the prohibition of occupations in 1937, the brothers Pfifferling had to stop the cattle trade. On April 25, 1938, Julius Pfifferling was among the 13 Jews from Halle who were arrested as part of the "ASR Action" and sent to the Buchenwald concentration camp. These arbitrary arrests served as a deterrent and were intended to encourage other Jews to leave Germany. Julius Pfifferling received the prisoner number 2870 in Buchenwald and had to work in the quarry. Three weeks after being admitted to the camp, the 54-year-old was allegedly shot "on the run" on 16 May 1938. The police handed the family its urn and let it pay for the cremation costs. Since a urn burial on Jewish cemeteries is traditionally not provided for, the community has created a special grave facility for the unfortunate at the Jewish Cemetery Dessauer Stra├če.

From the website for the Stolpersteine: Halle/Saale
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